Arctic Fox Fuel Heater

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Arctic Fox LLC pioneered the In-Tank Fuel Warmers with its Arctic Fox fuel heater. From humble beginnings in 1979, the Arctic Fox original In-Tank Fuel Warmers have kept thousands of trucks free from winter fuel gelling problems.

Today, the products are installed by many of the nation’s leading truck manufacturers including, Freightliner, Kenworth, Peterbilt, International, Volvo & Western Star. Contact your local truck dealer for specific data codes for ordering on your next vehicle.

Arctic Fox Fuel Heater

Hot Fox Fuel Warmer, Adapters & Parts


  • Lowest profile 1 1/3″ (34mm)
  • Stainless Steel
  • All-welded construction
  • Sizes for all tanks
  • Rotates for easy mounting
  • Mounts in vehicle sending gauge opening

The Arctic Fox fuel heater truly is an in-line warmer that installs in the fuel tank. The simple 1 ½ ” (38mm) diameter stainless steel tube inserts in the tank through a standard USA fuel gauge sending unit opening. Coolant passages inside the tube surround the fuel standpipe to provide excellent heat rise. The internal fuel line features an exclusive spiral design to offer a larger heat exchange surface from warm coolant to cold fuel.

Recommendation: The HFG & SHH Series HOT FOX fuel warmer can mount into a standard USA fuel sending gauge opening. For installations into non-reinforced gauge hole openings in tanks manufactured of 14 gauge (.075″/1.9mm) and lighter steel or .100″/2.5mm and lighter aluminum, the appropriate adapter kit KT-826F, KT-827C or KT-831 CS is suggested. For extreme vibration applications and all applications involving horizontal mounting, the A-1721 or A-2060 is suggested.

Low Profile Installation: The low-profile design fits where other fuel warmers can’t. For most efficient heat transfer, choose the longest HOT FOXä fuel warmer available for your tank diameter/depth. Each unit comes with a 2″ (51mm) extension fitting: A-858. Special sizes are available upon request.


The Original Arctic Fox In-Tank Warmer


This all stainless steel loop fits flat or curved tanks. Optional fuel standpipes are available. Heaters may be ordered factory assembled to fit any tank depth from 14″ thru 29″ (356mm thru 737mm). Custom built fluid warmers may be quoted for tanks under 14″ (356mm) depth or over 29″ (737mm) depth. A 5 year or 600,000 miles (1,000,000 kilometers) warranty is your assurance of trouble-free operation.


In-Tank Fuel Warmer with Bypass Thermostat


Save time and bother – this is the only fuel warmer you install and forget. Run coast to coast, border to border with fuel warming confidence because you are thermostatically protected. Fuel is warmed to the optimum operating temperature in cold weather with the proven Arctic FoxÒ fuel warmer in-tank design.

An all-mechanical thermostat integrated into the unit bypasses the fuel warming loop when fuel temperature reached optimum operating temperature. This simple “hands off” design are the choice of trucking fleets who demand fool-proof operation.



  • No pre-assembly required.
  • By passes coolant when fuel temperature reaches optimum operating temperature.
  • Bypass feature allows this fuel warmer to by plumbed in series with any other components (preheaters, air compressors, cab heater lines) without affecting coolant flow.
  • Simplifies plumbing and reduces fittings.
  • Integral design fits all fuel tanks.
  • Fully mechanical. No electrical components to cause maintenance problems.
  • Maintains temperature levels which are recommended by engine manufacturers for electronic fuel systems.
  • Works great with engine preheaters to maintain the ‘coolant loop’.
  • Help keep the in-tank fuel within the recommended temperature limits for maximum horsepower as suggested by engine manufacturers.
  • Easily installed. Simply install in the same cover plate as your Arctic FoxÒ Fuel/Fluid Warmer.
  • Ideal for hydraulic reservoirs that eventually build their own heat.
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