Diesel Fuel Injection Testing and Repair Service -Turbo kit & turbochargersIt was not too long, after opening our doors in 1977 as a regional warehouse distributor for turbochargers that Diesel Components, Inc. made the decision to add diesel fuel injection testing and rebuilding capability to the company. This was done in direct response to inquiries and requests for support from local fleets and construction companies wanting to have a local facility that could provide quick and dependable service.

To provide the best possible service, as we have done with turbochargers, it was important for us to first acquire authorization from the leading diesel fuel injection manufacturers. To accomplish this required investing in testing diesel fuel injection equipment, hiring competent technicians, and providing them with the most current training available from each of the brands we were going to represent. Not until we had gained confidence in our capabilities through the injector OEM training process, did we finally offer injector testing and repair services to our customers. Our attention to detail and commitment to providing the highest quality parts and service quickly gained us respect and the reputation of being one of the best diesel fuel injection repair facilities not only in the twin city area of Minneapolis and St. Paul, but also in the entire upper Midwest.

From that time on, Diesel Components, Inc. has continued to expand its in-house capabilities, continuing to upgrade our testing equipment as well as maintaining up to date training for our technicians which is mandatory if we are to keep pace with an ever changing market.

We now offer a wide array of products and services for diesel fuel injectors, ranging from our in-house testing and rebuilding capabilities to include factory new and rebuilt products and exchange programs for all major brands. Diesel Components, Inc. also provides in-house testing of most models of common rail injectors.

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