Silicone Hose Products: Repair & Sales

Silicon Hose Products Repair & Sales In MN | Diesel Components Inc

To many individuals, a hose is a hose s a hose. Nothing could be further from the truth. The engines of today demand the use of proper hose materials based upon the component application. Hoses transport everything from cold and heated compressed air to coolant, oil, fuel and other chemicals related to engine operation, so they are a critical component. Not only is it important to use the right hose for each connection, it is also important to use the right clamp because just like hoses, all clamps are not created equal. Diesel Components, Inc. provides only top of the line products from companies like Donaldson, Purosil, and Ideal. So when it comes to hoses and clamps, we should be number 1 on your speed dial.


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